England football fans invade IKEA store after Sweden World Cup win

England football fans invade IKEA store after Sweden World Cup win

England fans IKEA

Fans who descended on an IKEA store to celebrate England’s World Cup win against Sweden have come in for criticism.

Jubilant England fans entered the Swedish-founded store to sing ‚It’s Coming Home’ and celebrate England’s triumphant quarter-final win on Saturday.

Video footage from inside the store shows fans dancing on beds and singing after England managed to clinch a spot in the semi-finals of the World Cup for the first time in 28 years.

Shop workers inside the store were seen putting their hands over their faces in disbelief while the group ran around.

The video, posted on Twitter, has received some criticism.

One user urged for those who entered the store to report themselves to the police. He said: „Still happily supporting anyone but England, should be ashamed of themselves. Hope they use this video to identify people to the Metropolitan Police.”

While another said: „Honestly no need for this” and another said: „Can’t they just enjoy their success without wrecking the place?”

However, some fans saw the funny side of the group’s antics, telling criticisers on social media to „get over it.”

Replying on the IKEA UK’s Twitter account, a spokesperson said: „We are aware of a small group of fans celebrating the match result in one of our stores.

„Being both British and Swedish, we were on the edge of our seats during the game and we would like to sat ‚grattis! [Congratulations].”

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