All the bad news Theresa May’s government just tried to bury

All the bad news Theresa May’s government just tried to bury

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Theresa May’s government has quietly slipped out an avalanche of bad news as MPs head for their summer break


  • May’s government quietly slips out a long trail of inconvenient announcements as MPs head for parliamentary recess.
  • EU law will continue to apply for years after Brexit, despite May’s promise otherwise.
  • Courts and military bases are to be sold off.
  • Funding for free nursery milk is set to be cut.
  • Childhood obesity is at an all time high.
  • May’s government accused of burying bad news over the summer.

LONDON — A rather cynical tradition has developed in recent years in which, in the final days and hours before MPs leave Parliament for an extended break, the government releases a deluge of embarrassing reports, statistics, and statements in an apparently deliberate attempt to bury them.

This summer has been no different. Here are just some of the inconvenient stories Theresa May’s government has tried to bury over the past 24 hours.

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